Currently, Myungeun is teaching “Introduction to Nano-Chemistry” (NST520) in spring semester and “Introduction to Nanopolymer Science” (NST562) fall.


“Introduction to Nano-Chemistry” is one of 5 required courses in GSNT. The course was designed to provide core knowledge in chemistry with emphasis on nanochemistry to first-year graduate students of GSNT with diverse academic backgrounds. The course covers the very basics of chemistry including nomenclature, drawing chemical structures, purification and identification of compounds, kinetics and thermodynamics, and simple organic reactions, and further discusses key milestones in nanochemistry such as supramolecular chemistry and inorganic nanoparticles.


“Introduction to Nanopolymer Science” is an elective course, and it aims to help students better understand contemporary polymer science focusing on syntheses and materials properties of polymers. Graduate/undergraduate (junior and senior) students from other majors interested in polymer science are also welcomed.


Myungeun also have taught “Special topics in block polymers” (NST564) previously discussing synthesis, physics, and applications of block polymers with heavy emphasis on journal literature.